The importance of having a Forex trading strategy

Forex can be the perfect investment opportunity for those who have the money.  If you have the knowledge and skills that it takes to buy and sell currencies, and if you are a risk taker, then you will have a good chance of making big profits if you use the market wisely.   One of […]

Forex market: losing and winning

Forex market although is a sure place to make money, it is also a place where losing money happens every now and then. While in the past, the hopes are too high that this lucrative market would make each one of us richer but suddenly this once a bright money-making idea has a changed scenario; […]

How to choose the best Forex broker

Though it is not compulsory to enlist the support of intermediaries when dealing in different types of business, the value of their support cannot be underrated. While it is true that some traders are experts in their respective fields, this may not be the case for others with little or no knowhow on certain businesses. […]

Forex Brokers – your trading Forex partners

If you are after the best forex broker to work alongside in your forex trading, there is the need to understand that getting the best among the rest requires diligent work. Diligent work includes patience, sharp mind and precision. First you must know how to ask questions. This is like interviewing a potential employee and […]

Forex news: The U.S. dollar is gaining ground against its rivals

The paucity of information and economic data from China as well as the Eurozone and to a lesser extent even the United States are causing worldwide uncertainties about where the global economy is headed. The latest currency news is that nervous Forex traders are playing it safe and are deciding to stay with the US […]

Forex and technological advancement: a marriage made in heaven

Technological advancement continues to evolves at a rapid pace, and this has had a widespread influence within a range of different markets and industries. The foreign exchange is no exception, and traders, online brokers and the forex market itself continue to benefit from the innovations of designers and forward thinking experts who reside across the […]

Forex robot trader

A forex robot trader is fully automated forex trading software that is utilized by amateur and seasoned traders alike for the whole purpose of attending to the trading business without being physically exhausted and mentally drained by losses and setbacks. It autopilots a given forex account or multiple forex accounts under the exact operational parameters […]

Forex trading advice – the importance of a well implemented exit strategy

Entering the trade without specific action plan to exit when needed puts you in the risk of losing your investment especially if you’re scalping or dealing with a short term trade. Every Forex trading advice tells this because although you still have time to fashion out an exit plan at the course of the trade […]

Forex trading advice: Forex swing trading

Swing trading is a common technique used by trade professionals to take advantage of the technical trends in order to realize greater profits over a short period of time. This strategy is included among the most popular Forex trading advice in the web. Generally, swing trading works by buying low and selling high so traders […]

The Biggest Active Market – Forex trading

Foreign exchange, which is industry-abbreviated as Forex or FX, is the biggest active market in the entire planet. With transactions reaching almost $2 trillion daily, forex trading has always been one of the most sought after markets by investors all over. Aside from its high liquidity, foreign exchange trading also has low entry barriers and […]

Forex trading crash course