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Forex trading

Key management mistakes of newbie Forex traders

Most of the people enjoy forex trading which has a view in order to earn a decent amount of gain and get comes back on the purchase. But the majority of them end up getting losing the initial investment caused by a mistake manufactured by a majority of novice forex dealers. Let us determine what

Forex strategy

Forex news: The U.S. dollar is gaining ground against its rivals

The paucity of information and economic data from China as well as the Eurozone and to a lesser extent even the United States are causing worldwide uncertainties about where the global economy is headed. The latest currency news is that nervous Forex traders are playing it safe and are deciding to stay with the US

Forex trading

Forex market: losing and winning

Forex market although is a sure place to make money, it is also a place where losing money happens every now and then. While in the past, the hopes are too high that this lucrative market would make each one of us richer but suddenly this once a bright money-making idea has a changed scenario;

Forex trading

Rollovers An Exciting Forex Trading Technique

There are several techniques and methods which are used in forex trading and one such method is rollovers. In the following sections we will look at these rollovers and their use in forex markets. We will also see the benefits for forex brokers and also the forex traders in using these rollovers. Trading Rollovers Trading

Forex strategy

How to choose the best combination of Forex indicators?

Forex indicators are a great way of analyzing what is going on in the currency market and are also a great tool for understanding how the market is changing with time. They are the ultimate tools when it comes to generating buy and sell signals. But not all combinations of forex indicators are good for

Forex software

What is forex analysis software and how you can use it to improve your profits?

One of the basic and the most important things that need to be done in order to earn a profit in the currency market is market analysis. Market analysis is something without which no trader can survive in the market. But the problem with market analysis is that it is quite difficult to perform and